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We understand the value of data sharing and collaboration in advancing scientific knowledge and promoting evidence-based practices. By fostering partnerships with external researchers, we aim to contribute to the broader research community and enhance the understanding of back and neck pain and its impact on individuals and society.

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We appreciate your interest in utilising the data collected through the Australian Longitudinal Study on Back and Neck Pain for your research purposes. While we do not have a streamlined process for accessing the data at this time, we are committed to facilitating data requests and collaboration with external researchers.

To request access to the data, we kindly ask you to submit your inquiry to our research team. You can contact us through the provided contact information, indicating your intention to access the data and detailing the specific requirements of your research project. Our team will carefully review each request and work with you to explore the possibilities of data collaboration.

Please note that any data access requests will be subject to ethical considerations, data security protocols, and the confidentiality and privacy agreements set forth by the study. The use of data will be in accordance with current ethics approvals.